Updated Jekyll Pages

Heads up: I intend to start posting more low-effot content here, more frequently.

This site was long ago a Github Pages site, but a while back I migrated it to over to old-school web hosting. The magic that makes it happen is a set of scripts I created, called jekyll-pages. Entropy took its toll in the intervening 4 years since I created it and it was due for a refresh.

It is hard to get a complete sense of how good code you have written is, until you’ve left it alone for an extended period and come back to it later. On that score, I’m mostly pleased with the jekyll-pages code.

The good

The bad

The ugly

It is a turn-off to me anytime I have to write code that is not of lasting value, especially when I’m not being paid to write said code. The churn in coding ecosystems du-jour, and coding ecosystems that produce projects that are highly sensitive to entropy, have diminished my appetite for building and publishing projects on the side. I have a number of ideas I’ve been exploring on this front—in languages that aren’t terrible like shell scripting—but it’s nice to see my shell scripting projects solve the problem too.