Some stuff I’ve published:

Dapper Invoice

billable-time invoice template featuring style over substance

Is Shell Command __ Portable?

a survey of what shell commands are available from /bin/sh on different platforms


run-or-raise application switcher for any X11 desktop


simple, stand-alone file hashing utility for Windows


secure random password generator for .NET and PowerShell


secure random password generator for the browser / Node.js


a portable, pure shell implementation of realpath


generate self-signed x.509 certificates for use with SSL/TLS

Tidy Desktop Monster

prevent shortcuts from cluttering your Windows desktop ever again

Other Projects

  • BetterWin32Errors — a better interface to the constants defined in winerror.h
  • jumpthere.vim — lightweight project switcher for Vim
  • luks-mount — teach mount(8) to open LUKS containers
  • shpy — spies and stubs for shell unit testing
  • Snippets — a selected list of code snippets I’ve published
  • standalone-dovecot-imap — keep a local IMAP mirror, painlessly
  • Talks — list of some talks I’ve given
  • uniformity.vim — convert indentation+whitespace across a project to be consistent