Things I Wish Someone Told Me About ASP.NET Core WebSockets

There are lots of WebSocket tutorials out there for ASP.NET Core MVC. They all seem great if you are trying to make a demo chat app. Unfortunately, they don’t cover most of the things that are going to trip you up when you go to write a production-ready app. What follows is an assorted list of the things I have learned so far.

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How To Not Suck With PowerPoint

Everyone hates on PowerPoint. There’s much to hate about PowerPoint. At the end of the day though, it’s just a tool.

I want to show you how to wield PowerPoint for good. However in order to do that, first we need to understand why PowerPoint is bad.

Perhaps it’ll be easier to show you what I mean:

powerpoint slide

You probably recognize this slide. This is what every PowerPoint slide ever presented looks like.

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CSS Specificity Explained In 300 Words

If you’ve done much CSS, you’ve probably run into this issue:

/* a rule defined in some common/library code */
.some-component .some-element {
    color: red;

/* ...somewhere else in a file you're working on... */
.some-element {
    color: blue; /* doesn't work. why? */

You added some CSS to make the element blue, but for some reason a CSS rule defined earlier in some library is overriding your style. What gives?

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Debugging 3rd Party Nuget Packages

The following is a braindump of what options there are for debugging Nuget packages not maintained by you. It’s not particulary polished, but maybe it’ll help someone.

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Angular 1 Adoption Has Peaked: Are People Moving To Angular 2 Or React?

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