Software Tools Round Up 2024

Having had the need to do an OS reinstall or two lately, I’ve taken the opportunity to swap in a number of new tools and retire old tools. Unlike in my younger days when I would devote the time to survey every tool mentioned on Hacker News starting from time immemorial, the only tools that come into my awareness these days are the ones that people made a point to tell me about, or tools I found after getting fed up with a specific pain point and searched the web for a solution. All of which is to say, I’m not exactly Mr. Current Affairs. mad fish willy

Still, maybe you will discover something of use.

A quick note on what you will and won’t find here:

For fun, I’ve included country flags representing the location of the primary creator(s) of the project. You do what you want with the information. For me, I like to place things geographically (where such a connection exists), and to celebrate how this community is assembled from people around the world.







For the full list of whatever my current set of plugins is, check out my dotfiles.




Change History


  1. By some sort of collective utility yardstick, I wouldn’t be surprised if we are better off as a result of the ZIRP shift in software. It’s not all bad. As a power user though with a taste for well written software, there is a stark difference between the median app today vs. before.
  2. Firefox is mildly enshittified too, between the Pocket stuff and Cloudflare DNS and search/homepage sponsorship and whatever else I’m forgetting about. Mozilla the company has a weird abusive relationship with its community of power users and privacy lovers. For lack of great alternatives, we tend to overlook its faults.